Making Waves! Revamping A Local Pool Company’s Branding And Digital Presence

An exciting project to rebrand a local pool company, breathing new life into their identity. We kicked off the process by collaborating closely with the pool company’s team to understand their values, vision, and target audience. Armed with this insight, we crafted a fresh and modern brand identity that captured the essence of their business.

With the brand identity established, we set our sights on developing a cutting-edge website that would serve as the cornerstone of their online presence. Our team of talented designers and developers worked tirelessly to create a visually stunning and user-friendly website that showcased the pool company’s services, expertise, and unique selling points.

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In addition to the website overhaul, we devised a strategy to maximize the pool company’s visibility in the local community. Recognizing the power of mobile advertising, we recommended wrapping their entire fleet of vehicles with eye-catching designs that showcased their brand and services.

The impact was immediate and significant. The fleet wraps turned heads wherever they went, effectively transforming the pool company’s vehicles into rolling billboards. This increased brand exposure led to a surge in organic leads, with the pool company experiencing a remarkable 50% boost in inquiries and bookings.

Driving success to your business

our rebranding efforts, coupled with strategic fleet wrapping and SEO initiatives, yielded remarkable results for our client. By breathing new life into their brand and optimizing their online presence, we not only increased their visibility and leads but also solidified their position as a market leader in the pool industry.